Duolingo Max: Your Personal AI Language Tutor

AI and education make a good duo.

Introducing Duolingo Max. A subscription tier above Super that gives you access to your own personal, AI-powered language tutor through Explain My Answer and Roleplay, two features developed with the latest @OpenAI technology.

details in 🧵

Explain My Answer gives you more context on your lesson responses (whether the answer is correct or incorrect).

Roleplay lets you practice real-world conversation skills with world characters in the app. Discuss your vacation plans with Lin, or order a coffee from Oscar in Paris.

The AI behind this feature is responsive and interactive, meaning no two conversations will be exactly alike.

We’ve used AI for years to personalize your lessons. Now, with the latest from @openai, we’re getting closer to recreating a personal language tutor in the app.

Duolingo Max is currently available for Spanish & French learners on iOS and will be rolling out more widely soon

more info here: https://blog.duolingo.com/duolingo-max/

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