Unleashing the Hidden Power of Google Sheets

Google Sheets isn’t Excel.

But it’s more powerful than you think.

7 things Sheets can do, you’ll wish you knew yesterday: 📊


Everyone has a smartphone these days…

Generating an easily scannable image to drive traffic to your site seems like a no-brainer.

•Copy + paste the formula below

•Change “A1” to the cell with your URL

•💥 Free QR code

=IMAGE(“https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=200×200&cht=qr&chl=“&A1&””) https://twitter.com/blakeaburge/status/1637078810968588294/photo/1

Insert Scrolling Charts:

• Select Your Range of Data

• Insert -> Chart

• Change Type -> Table

• Cut & Paste Source Data To Another Tab

Now you have a clean, sortable, scrolling chart!

Perfect for Dashboards or Reports: https://twitter.com/blakeaburge/status/1637078847014436864/photo/1


Monitor stock prices, spot trends, & quickly review historical data using =GOOGLEFINANCE.

Want to see the last 60 days of closing prices for a specific ticker symbol?

Paste the formula below & voila!

=GOOGLEFINANCE(“NASDAQ:TSLA”,”price”,TODAY()-60,TODAY()) https://twitter.com/blakeaburge/status/1637078887233622018/photo/1

Checkbox Conditional Formatting:

I love to-do lists.

I also love the ability to check things off as I get them done.

Using a combination of checkboxes and conditional formatting, you can make a simple to-do list that visually updates as you complete each task.

Like this: https://twitter.com/blakeaburge/status/1637078914815369216/photo/1


Need to do some number crunching?

Let Google’s AI do the work for you.

•Highlight the range of data.

•Move your cursor to the starburst-shaped icon in the bottom right corner.

•Click “Explore” – Complex charts, analytics, & detailed info. generated automatically https://twitter.com/blakeaburge/status/1637078949057675265/photo/1

Detect Language + Translate Text

A simple set of formulas you can use to:

• Detect what language is being used


• Translate it into another language of your choice




Check it out! https://twitter.com/blakeaburge/status/1637078972004712448/photo/1

Checkbox Progress Bars:

I told you I liked checkboxes and to-do lists…

Well here’s another fun one.

Let’s say you have multiple projects with individual tasks within each.

Using the sparkline function you can track your progress as you go.

Here’s how: https://twitter.com/blakeaburge/status/1637078991436906497/photo/1

Thanks for reading!

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